2 Simple Steps

Get paid 22% of trading fees in instantly
whenever your referred friends pay fees to
buy, sell tokens in Counter Network.

Share referral

1. Share referral code
with your friends

Earn reward

2. Earn 22% of trading fees from your referred users

Program Details

  1. Participants will receive commissions only if the referred users apply the participants' referral code.
  2. Commissions will only apply to fees the referred users pay when completing a trade on Counter Network.
  3. Commissions are calculated based on the trade fee and referral rate.
    Example: If referred friend completed trade with a fee of $10 and referral rate of 22%*.
    Commission received will be $10 x 22% = $2.2.
    *Fees and rates shown are for used for the purpose of representation.

  4. Commission will be credited immediately after a trade is completed.
  5. Commission will be credited to the referrer according to the cryptocurrency transacted by the referred user.

Terms & Conditions

  1. There is no limit on the number of referred users. However, we will disqualify any user and revoke referral commissions due to duplicate/fake accounts or any violation of the referral program.
  2. Counter Network reserves the right to revoke all past commissions paid out if the referrer violates any of these terms.
  3. Commissions are only applied on completed trades. In the unlikely event of cancellation or reversal of completed trades, commissions will also be reversed.
  4. In case the commission earned need to be reversed while it has already been withdrawn from the referrer’s account, it will result in a negative balance and the referrer will have to top up the account within 3 days to avoid financial penalties.
  5. Counter Network reserves the right to change the terms and conditions and final interpretation of the referral program anytime, depending on the relevant factors.