Counter Network adopts industry best practices to secure your funds. Majority of funds are held offline in vaults with 24/7 security.

Community Friendly
We strive to build a community of trustworthy and reliable traders around you. Our experienced operations team is here to shape the community and handle disputes fairly.

Multi Asset Support
Many digital assets are hard to purchase with your local currency. We constantly evaluate and add new digital assets to our platform.

Real‐time Chat
Chat with the trader you are transacting with in real time without having to disclose your contact number.

The world’s most flexible trading marketplace

Advertise First, Deposit Later
No deposit is required to post an advertisement to trade your digital asset. Deposit is only required when you start a trade.

Receive Multiple Offers per Advert
Receive multiple offers for your advert and choose the trader you wish to transact with.

Adverts Run Forever
Adverts will continue to run until you close it, even when trades are completed. Spend less time creating adverts.

Multiple Adverts per Digital Asset
Post adverts with different margins, payment methods or any term you name!

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